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BrassAngelsCLT brings the best available training to you.  Specializing in training new and first-time shooters BrassAngelsCLT will help you get to the next level sooner than you would have thought.  One on one training, Private Classes and NC Conceal Carry Certification are all available.  Everyone is an individual and each training session is designed for that individual with proven methods to get real results while maintaining the highest level of safety while being a non-pressured and relaxed atmosphere.

All of this is with the sole purpose to safely equip you with the knowledge to responsibly own and operate firearms.



 Private Instruction

This is primarily one-on-one training to learn how to handle firearms safely and confidently.  Emphasis will be on safety, handling of firearms, shooting and improving accuracy.

Requirements:  Handgun (If you don't have one, one will be provided)

Valid ID

50 Rounds of ammunition

Targets, eye and ear protection and range entry will be provided.

NC CCH Certification Course

The NC Conceal Carry Handgun Permit is required before applying for a conceal carry handgun permit in NC.  This 8 hour class is designed to train you on the laws, regulations and fundamentals of your rights to carry.

Private Instruction Plans

  • First Session (1.5hours)   


  • Every Session After (1.25hours)


  • Four Session Training Pack             $425.oo

  • Group Rates available.

  • Handgun Cleaning $25

  • Rifle Cleaning $35

  • NC CCH Course
    Call for availability



Since  January of 2019 it is estimated that almost half of new gun owners are women.  That's about 3.5 million ladies compared to 4 million men.  Women are going to ranges in record numbers to learn to shoot and it isn't just to shoot handguns.  AR styled guns and shotguns are getting time on the range as the ladies have become more aware of everyday threats.  At the forefront of reasons are sexual assault, domestic abuse and harassment.  Consequently, the number of women seeking training and instruction has risen as well.  Finding a legitimate firearm instructor who can teach safety, as well as how to shoot accurately and consistently, should be just as important as choosing what type of gun to own.


BrassAngelsCLT works with each individual client in a no-pressure, secure and safe environment to remove any anxiety, fear or trepidation when it comes to shooting.  The overwhelming majority of people that are properly trained to shoot find out that it is fun and a great past time.  Many go on to compete in local shooting events, some even try their hand at competing nationally.  Most importantly, once trained, people are more likely to continue to train and better themselves.


BrassAngelsCLT wants to give peace of mind to all new gun owners and anyone who wants to improve and take it to the next level.   


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Charlotte, NC

(830) 285-9286

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